Checking for Symptoms (updated July 14, 2022)

COVID-19 requires all of us to be even more attentive to our health, regularly checking for symptoms associated with the virus.

For students

Continue to self-assess your health status and possible COVID symptoms each day. Completion of the online symptom checker is not required at this time. However, if you test positive for COVID, please follow these directions from the Student Health Center.

For employees

Continue to self-assess your health status and possible COVID symptoms each day before coming to a UCSC owned or leased facility. If you experience COVID symptoms, complete the symptom check questionnaire and report any positive test results to your manager or supervisor. To access the online employee symptom check questionnaire click on the following link: online Employee Symptom Check Questionnaire. You can also print a copy of the Employee Symptom Check Questionnaire in (English) or in Spanish (Español) Cuestionario de verificacion de simtomas del empleado.

If you do not currently receive daily symptom check reminder email messages, but would like to do so, you may enroll online.

For visitors

General visitors to UCSC owned or leased facilities are not required to complete a symptom check questionnaire. However, specific program sponsors may require questionnaire completion for program participants. The UCSC Visitor COVID-19 Symptom Check Questionnaire can be found online. Download a printable version of the visitor symptom check questionnaire in English and in Spanish.

Privacy information

Questionnaire results may only be used for limited purposes, e.g. COVID-19 exposure contact tracing or workers’ compensation claims. Questionnaire responses will not be maintained in employee personnel files. Responses will be stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant application and purged after 60 days.

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