Academic Recovery and Resiliency Task Force Workgroups

Instructional Delivery (remote/online/in-person)

Addressing multiple modalities, limits of in person instruction.

  • Herbie Lee, Academic Affairs
  • Jody Greene, Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning
  • Michael Tassio, Online Education
  • Leslie Kern, FITC
  • Becky George, Global Education
  • Margie Claxton, Registrar’s Office
  • Lindsay Hink, CCI
  • Tracy Larrabee, CEP
  • Patty Gallgher, Senate


Plotting the path to full research engagement.

  • Scott Brandt, Office of Research
  • Paul Koch, Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Elizabeth Cowell, University Library
  • Linda Scholz, Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Jarmilla Pittermann, previous COR chair, PBSci faculty
  • Paul Roth, COR
  • Steve Whittaker, previous COR chair

Graduate and Professional Program Support

Reviewing support programs, funding and graduate student progress.

  • Quentin Williams, Graduate Division
  • Stephanie Moore (Arts Division)
  • Donald Smith (Graduate Council)
  • Frank Calabrese (ISSS)
  • John MacMillan (Office of Research)

Undergraduate Programs

Consisting of multiple sub-workgroups, including a College Core Course delivery group, and teams working on mitigating impacts on student progress and undergraduate programming including orientation and advising.

  • Richard Hughey, Undergraduate Education
  • Tchad Sanger and Kalin McGraw, Registrar’s Office
  • Marie Yoo, Cowell and Stevenson colleges
  • Patrick Register, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
  • Onuttom Narayan, Committee on Educational Policy
  • Flora Lu, College Nine and John R. Lewis College
  • Manel Camps, Crown College
  • Tracy Larabee, Baskin School of Engineering
  • Other members pending

Policy Review

Managing the interpretation, application, and development of HR/ personnel and related policies to support academic employees (and staff and student employees who directly support research and instruction, as needed) during pandemic recovery.

  • Grace McClintock, Academic Personnel Office
  • Heather Dawson, Employee and Labor Relations
  • Jennifer Schiffner, Employee and Labor Relations
  • Elani Zissimopoulos, Undergraduate Education
  • Ben Ruwe, Baskin School of Engineering AHR
  • Kim Lau, Academic Senate
  • Ibukun Bloom, APO
  • Leslie Marple, APO
  • Frank Calabrese, ISSS
  • Diane Lallemand, Policy Coordination

Housing/Dining/Residence Life

Focusing on numbers for limited housing scenarios as defined by health and safety guidelines.

  • Sue Matthews, AVC, Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services
  • Elizabeth Abrams, Merrill College Provost
  • Lauren Reed, Rachel Carson College, Academic Preceptor
  • Alex Belisario , Senior Director, College Student Life
  • Sarah Woodside-Bury, College Student Life
  • Dave Keller, CHES
  • Kevin Tresham, CHES
  • Angela Cline, CHES BaFA
  • Gina Fleming/Lisa Miller, Student Health Services
  • Lisa Wisser, EH&S
  • Jim Grove, CHES

Student Services and Student Affairs

Planning for remote and in person Slug Support outreach and programming and co-curricular and extracurricular support of students in multiple modalities.

  • Jaye Padgett, Division of Student Success
  • Other members pending


Supporting communication of plans to the campus community, committees, governing bodies, and media.

  • Anna Finn, Associate Chancellor
  • Scott Hernandez-Jason, Communications and Marketing
  • Lucy Rojas, Student Success
  • Tracy Crick, Undergraduate Education
  • Jim Grove, CHES

Operations and Employee Recovery and Resiliency Workgroups

OERR Operational Resiliency Work Group (this work group has seven task teams)

  • Jean Marie Scott (Chair)
  • Barbara Greening
  • Cindy Delgado
  • Dan Henderson
  • Dave Keller
  • Denise Dolezal
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Grace McClintock
  • Jim Kari
  • John Bono
  • John MacMillan
  • Lisa Ehret
  • Lisa Wisser
  • Lucy Rojas
  • Magge McCue
  • Sarah Barron
  • Sue Matthews
  • Fiona Weigant

OERR Operational Resiliency Work Group Task Team members

  • Alex Belisario
  • Amanda Gullings
  • Anna Finn
  • Ashley Vizurraga
  • Barbara Greening
  • Bill Prime
  • Bob Vitale
  • Brian Hall
  • Cathy Crowe
  • Christina Lombardo
  • Cindy Delgado
  • Clint Jeffries
  • Dave Keller
  • Denise Dolezal
  • Erendira Rubin
  • Glen Blackler
  • Grace McClintock
  • Jason Moore
  • Jean Marie Scott
  • Jeremy Sanford
  • Jim Grove
  • Joe Haley
  • John Bono
  • John Macmillan
  • Julie Munnerlyn
  • Karen Schloss
  • Lisa Ehret
  • Lisa Wisser
  • Liz Miller
  • Lucy Rojas
  • Madlyn Norman-Terrance
  • Maggie McCue
  • Marm Kilpatrick
  • Meagan Edwards
  • Mike Yamauchi-Gleason
  • Nader Oweis
  • Nick Otis
  • Nikki Vamosi
  • Peter Minogue
  • Robert Kemp
  • Sarah Barron
  • Scott Hernandez-Jason
  • Tchad Sanger
  • Teresa Buika
  • Todd Hammonds
  • Kristin Mott

OERR Employee Resiliency Work Group

  • Adrienne Harrell (Chair)
  • Courtnie Prather
  • Gary Dunn
  • Janice Lizaso
  • Jessica Bulleri
  • Joshua Strong
  • Linda Scholz

OERR Community and Morale Work Group

  • Steve Stein (Chair)
  • Amy Bruinooge
  • Danny Gray
  • Leah Kahn
  • Linda Scholz
  • Mirjam Kuusik

OERR Leveraging Opportunity Work Group

  • Biju Kamaleswaran (Chair)
  • Al Covington
  • Bennett Williamson
  • Elida Erickson
  • Jean Nilsson
  • Kelly Roberts
  • Marie Logan
  • Sabrina Shaver
  • Shelby Young
  • Stephanie Nielsen
  • Brian Macdonald
  • Leslie Geary