Process for Resumption of On-site Operations

Updated: November 18, 2020

Current status of campus operations

UC Santa Cruz remains in phase 4 of operational resumption. At this point in time, all campus operations that can operate remotely will remain remote. However, as the need arises to resume certain on-site functions, this page provides a summary of the updated process used to review and approve requests.

Questions about the process can be sent to

Activity Resumption Process Overview

The process for reviewing and approving the return to on-site operations assists departments in developing a plan for slowly and deliberately moving current remote operations back on-campus/on-site as needed.

The process is based on two key principles:

  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of our community by focusing first on those functions that must be on-site to serve the community. All operations are required to have a review of their function prior to moving forward with resumption of on-site operations.
  • Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal guidance. In addition to the State of California's Resilience Roadmap, we must adhere to guidance from a variety of entities, including but not limited to California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Cal OSHA.

We will continue to add to this process as further state and federal guidance is received.

Role of the Principal Officers

Principal Officers continue to have the authority for identifying the operations and services they view to be essential for on-site operation and identify the faculty, staff and student employees who need to work in campus facilities. This applies to all campus locations, including the residential campus, West Side Research Park, Coastal Biology, Scotts Valley Center, Silicon Valley Center, and MBEST. All of this must, however, comply with the requirements and limitations placed upon us by the state and other agencies. To the extent possible, individuals who can continue to work remotely should do so until at least June. The campus has released new tools and guidelines for telecommuting and remote work.

Worksite Plans

Principal Officers who want to bring additional functionality or spaces back to in-person on-site operations will utilize the worksite plan process. This process should be used even if you are approving the periodic use of faculty office space. Staff in the Office of Emergency Services can assist with this process. Questions about this process can be submitted to It is vital that units completing worksite plans coordinate with the Building Manager who oversees the building in which that operation is located. This is critical as the Building Manager needs to have the ability to have a holistic view of the totality of operations that are resuming and as additional employees return on-site it is important to track the total occupancy of the facility. All buildings must be in compliance with the COVID-19 Building Occupancy Guidelines. When an operation submits a worksite plan, the Office of Emergency Services will ask that the plan has been reviewed by the building manager for that facility.

Many buildings have already completed the building worksite planning process but several buildings have not. Principal Officers are asked to proceed and have worksite plans prepared for all remaining buildings - whether you have approved on-site operations or not. We want to now ensure that all facilities at all sites have completed a worksite plan which includes overall preparation for COVID-19 related mitigations.

Units across campus have been diligently completing worksite plans and readying buildings over the past year as operations have resumed on site. This process has been critical as it ensures that facilities have the needed COVID-19 health and safety protocols in place. A map showing the buildings with approved worksite plans is available online to review.

Requesting Supplies or Equipment

To request supplies, equipment, or workspace modifications to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please complete this form. All requests will be evaluated by Environmental Health and Safety staff prior to fulfillment. Once a supplies request has been approved, you will be contacted with details for scheduling pick up of your items.

Mitigations and Employee Requirements

In addition to completion of the worksite plan, Principal Officers need to ensure that any employees in their divisions who are working on-site are also aware of mitigations and requirements below.

Employee Training: As a part of in-person, on-site resumption efforts, the University as employer is required to deliver COVID-19 specific training for employees. This includes student employees. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has coordinated this training. This training is available in the UC Learning Center.

Daily Health Screening: As a part of in-person, on-site resumption efforts, the University as employer is required to conduct daily COVID-19 symptom checks of employees. Currently, all those accessing campus should continue to abide by prior guidance posted online and check their symptoms daily and stay home and seek medical care if they are feeling sick. A link to the employee screening application is here.

Asymptomatic Testing: Employees who are working on-site are eligible to participate in the Asymptomatic Testing program. Participation is not mandated but strongly encouraged. There is no cost for this program and detailed information may be found here: Staff and Faculty Asymptomatic Testing

Physical Distancing: Expectations and Signage to support physical distancing requirements.

Face Coverings: Expectations and signage to support face covering use.

Principal Officers are required to document those faculty, staff and student employees who have been approved to be on-site and ensure their compliance with all COVID-19 mitigations.

Divisions and Units should not develop their own protocols in any of the following areas, due to compliance, legal, and privacy considerations.

A useful resource for Principal Officers to offer their employees who are returning on-site are the Staff Human Resources “Employee Welcome Back Kits.” The kits contain promotional items such as branded cloth masks and hand sanitizer, as well as informational materials to support both staff and academic employees in their return process. Please complete the Employee Welcome Back Kit Request Form to request kits for your employees who are currently working on site, or will be returning to work on site in the near future. If you have any questions about the form or the kits, please reach out to Karen Schloss at

Other Resources

For detailed reference purposes, please find previous communications, inclusive of information on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy and the five general phases to campus COVID-19 operating status here: Returning to Campus.

COVID-19 Recovery and Resiliency Plan Briefing Book (PDF)

Draft COVID-19 Resumption Plan (PDF)

University of California Consensus Standards (PDF)

COVID-19 Recovery and Resiliency Planning Model (PDF) California Blueprint for a Safer Economy Higher Education Guidance (PDF)