Face Coverings

Together we can curb COVID-19

More than ever, it’s important to take care of our own health and do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

UC Santa Cruz requires that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a face covering when accessing shared campus indoor spaces, particularly those that are open to the general public.

  • A face covering is defined by Cal/OSHA as a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask, a respirator worn voluntarily, or a tightly woven fabric or non-woven material of at least two layers.
  • A face covering has no visible holes or openings and must cover the nose and mouth.
  • A face covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, or single layer of fabric.

Face coverings that are made from a single layer of fabric (bandana, scarf, balaclava, turtleneck) should not be used. Coverings with exhalation valves or vents allow virus particles to escape. Avoid using material that makes it difficult to breath.

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